The Rock Solid Secret is Out

Our SECRET is out!

Rock Solid Internet Shipping has been keeping a secret:  We’ve revolutionized the shipping reseller market with industry specific software.  The niche market of shipping resellers have known the secret, and now it’s your turn. We are now making our time-saving, profit-increasing software available to all business who ship parcel domestically and internationally.  As it has done for our existing clients, our software solutions will take any shipping business to the next level.

Rock Solid is the leading provider of technology in the reseller shipping market in US, UK and Canada.  For seven years our innovative software has provided resellers with solutions designed to enhance management of  their shipping businesses all in one convenient location.

Unlike other software companies, we designed our business to operate through a symbiotic relationship;  i.e. our company does not thrive unless your company  thrives.  Which is why our primary focus is on helping our clients become increasingly profitable.

Exclusive Benefits Experienced By Our Clients

Our clients experience the most professional and cutting edge software solutions. With a simplified front end solution shippers can easily prepare labels and track there shipping.  But the real secret has been in our back end management system, know as REMS.  This comprehensive solution has enabled small and medium size shippers to manage every aspect of their shipping business.  There is no longer a need for auxiliary software such as servers, database software, CRM, billing software, rating tools, carrier billing management software, etc.  REMS does it all.


Affordable, Customizable Hosted Software

Rock Solid offers an alternative to cheap, off-the-shelf software or costly custom-built software:  Our single source model allows for shared development and organic, agile improvements.  This means that everyone benefits immediately from the constant additions and improvements to our web-based software.

We offer secure, cloud-based servers that allow for faster access to your data. No longer are in-house servers needed, and there is never anything to download or install.  Your data is synced across multiple databases creating redundancy.  This design ensures quick recovery should a system failure occur.  In short, your data is safe with Rock Solid.


Area of Savings

All companies are looking for ways to eliminate excess spending and increase resources in their day-to-day operations. Rock Solid is here to help you mitigate costs. The many features were designed to provide you with top-down visibility of all areas of your shipping.  The power in negotiating carrier rates often lies in knowing your shipping statistics and your spend across all services. Our dashboard does just that–providing at-a-glance access to your shipping, your spend and your profits–putting the power in your hands.  Customizable by each user, everyone can see what they need to see how they want to see it.  Reporting provides a selection of standard reporting centered around spend analysis, shipping statistics and profit.   We give you access to our in-house data warehouse making custom reporting on any aspect of your shipping easy, and with lightning speed.

Rock Solid’s software focuses on business processes–not just the technical aspects of common software.  There are many tools which expose carrier rating errors and allow you to short-pay carriers pending adjustment approval.  For shipping businesses such as resellers, included tools were designed to ensure profitability and reduce the risk of losing revenue on inaccurately-billed shipments. Bill your customer correctly every time regardless of carrier errors.


Shipper Benefits

The RSIS front end software, known as WebShip, is a multi-carrier parcel shipping solution.  The software is easy to use and comprehensive at the same time.  Features include creating labels, saving shipments, batch processing, tracking packages, scheduling pickups, history reporting, and much more.  Shippers have the power of multiple carrier softwares within one.


The SECRET is yours!

We are exhibiting at the Supply Chain & Transportation USA Exhibition & Conference in Atlanta GA, March 16 – 20, 2014.  Now that the secret is out  let us help you take your business to the next level. Come visit us at the show, booth # 3213, to learn how you can take advantage of what is now no longer a secret.  :)

Contact Us Today

Not coming to the show?  Thats okay–visit our website at  to learn more.  Contact me directly via email at or call me at 832-632-7329.  Take yourself one step closer to professional shipping management today!

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