The Rock Solid Secret is Out

Our SECRET is out! Rock Solid Internet Shipping has been keeping a secret:  We’ve revolutionized the shipping reseller market with industry specific software.  The niche market of shipping resellers have known the secret, and now it’s your turn. We are now making our time-saving, profit-increasing software available to all business who ship parcel domestically and […]

The Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Thrive Without a “Serious” Shipping Management System

This paper is for Shipping Resellers, 3PLs, and anyone who generates income through margin off of their carrier discounts. Imagine your business in a year or two, or ten years from now.  What will ensure you success in that time period?  How do you guarantee the best customer experience, the most efficient use of your […]

TNT-USA Services Now in Webship


  We have long worked with TNT internationally and in the USA in our back-end REMS system.   Today I am happy to announce the availability of TNT USA services as part of our Webship platform. From quoting TNT services to booking a shipment to scheduling a pickup, we are fully integrated. Please contact us if […]

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eCommerce Webship – First Live Customer

Right on schedule–we have our first eCommerce Webship customer live before the end of Q2! Friday Morning, June 28th, our first customer used eCommerce Webship to generate labels from their Etsy store.  eCommerce Webship allows them to: See a list of unfulfilled / unshipped orders from their Etsy store Select an order to fulfill Information […]

eCommerce Webship – First Beta Customer!

As stated in a previous post, one of our Q2 Goals was to have eCommerce Webship working by the end of Q2.  We have now targeted a specific beta customer to go “live” on eCommerce Webship by the end of June. The platform this customer will be using includes: Integration with their online store at […]

New Data Warehouse and Search Servers


In addition to all of the software changes that we make on a continuing basis, I’d like to take a minute to talk about some of the major hardware changes we have made. We have been busily adding to our “cloud” of servers that you and your customers use on a daily basis.  This has […]

Magento Plugin ready for testing

One of our main focuses for Q2 2013 is on our eCommerce platform.  There are three main levels of eCommerce integration that we are targeting: 1. Webship API 2. Magento Plugin (to be followed by Volusion, BigCommerce, osCommerce, etc.) 3. eCommerce Webship Platform (for cloud-based shopping carts like Amazon Marketplace, Etsy, eBay, etc.) (You can view […]

Rest In Peace, Josh Garlick

josh (2)

Sunday, April 14th, 2013 marked the tragic passing of our friend and RSIS employee, Josh Garlick. It is with the greatest sadness that I write this post. Josh and his family have been the closest friends that my family has ever had. Josh worked for us for almost a year as a Software Tester, while […]

Webship E-Commerce Prototype

We have been working hard behind the scenes preparing for a new version of Webship specifically developed for your E-Commerce customers.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words (and a video even more), I’ve taken a few minutes below to demonstrate where we’re going with this.  Remember, this is a prototype, so please forgive […]

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